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Image caption:Experts suggest using geometric wallpaper for an accent wall, such as this one featuring Paste The Wall Textured Geo Wallpaper, to keep a room from being overwhelmed by the element.

Geometric shapes have meaning beyond math class: Circles represent harmony, triangles indicate power, squares are about stability and order. Keep these meanings in mind when you decorate — or feel free to forget about them if you just happen to like a certain hexagon-patterned pillow and couldn’t care less about the shape’s symbolism. Your home will still have an up-to-the-minute look, which is the point.

Geometrics are the latest influencers in home décor, in everything from wallpaper to area rugs. But the funny thing is they’ve never really been out of style. “Geometrics are very versatile, elegant, and timeless,” says Abbie Jacobson, a Chicago interior designer. “And timeless goes hand and hand with style.” But there is too much of a good thing, so Jacobson suggests not overwhelming a room with one bold pattern — aim for a balanced look. Also, “If you pick a design with circles, be careful with the size — if they’re too tiny, they could ‘dance’ and make your eyes go crazy because it’s too much to look at.”

Check out a few ways to incorporate geometric gorgeousness into your own home.


Pairing geometrics with wallpaper, which is also trending, gives you two hot elements in one application. Hang your favorite shapes on your bedroom, dining room or living room walls and the space will get a shot of instant personality. You don’t have to paper the whole room — you could just do an accent wall of chevrons for a bit of drama. “It’s a quick update but also something you won’t have to worry about five or ten years down the road,” says Jacobson, if you create a cohesive color palette that pairs well with the rest of the room.

End Tables

Even this supporting player is getting geometric attention. No longer automatically matchy-matchy with the coffee table, end tables with attitude are all over the market, especially with honeycomb designs. For a standout setting, mix different leg shapes on the sofa and other furniture, Jacobson says, but keep the legs similar in size and don’t position them right next to each other. Want to mix a wood coffee table with a metal end table? As long as the scale works — one isn’t exceptionally bigger than the other — go for it!


Move over patterned curtains and drapes, window shades have seen the light. Now you can install other coverings like Roman shades in colorful abstract geometric patterns. You can find these not-solid shades in various sizes and materials, such as a cotton-linen blend that’s actually washable.

Area Rugs

Stepping into the geometric limelight: area rugs. They anchor any room they’re in, whether they’re the room’s focal point or not. “If your taste is conservative or you’re nervous about investing in an upholstered piece of furniture in a geometric design, getting an area rug is the safest thing to do,” says Jacobson. And they’re affordable, too. “You can find an eight-by-ten area rug for under two hundred dollars,” she says. “If you like the look, build on it, little by little. Get some artwork or even coasters in a geometric design.”

Floor Tiles

“Hexagon is a major shape, especially in floor tiles,” says Jacobson. The chevron’s zigzag pattern in classic black and white is another favorite but, she says, “use it sparingly because the pattern is strong.” Also look into herringbone and basket weave floor tiles — they’ve remained classics for a reason.

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