4 Mirror Styles To Use In Any Room

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Mirrors can work magic as a multifunctional design tool, adding elegance, reflecting light, expanding small spaces and creating a sense of style.

Besides sparkle and glam, they also serve as a style indicator for the room, says interior designer Amy Bubier of AB Design Elements, Scottsdale, Ariz. “You can use them as a way to guide the sight lines within a room so you can reflect an important design feature,” she says. “Sometimes they are mounted too high to look into and are purely used as a piece of art and to reflect what’s in the room.”

In the southwest, homes have a lot of two-story, oversized spaces. Bubier often uses a mirror instead of artwork when a large wall space requires an over-scale piece or to highlight a unique feature such as a fireplace or chandelier. “We have to find huge pieces of art if want to balance wall space with the furniture,” she says. “Mirrors are a perfect solution if you have to replace art in terms of budget and style. They tend to be less expensive than decorative art.”

People can find a great mirror and have it custom framed at a frame shop to look like art or complement the room’s decor. The mirror can serve as the main accessory, an inspiration piece that helps define a room’s style or enhance existing furniture and colors, she says.

Using a mirror is a classic trick interior designers use to create the feeling of more space. Thanks to the availability of so many interesting shapes, styles and colors of mirrors on the market, mirrors can stand on their own as a design element, echoing the same styles found in wallpaper and furnishings, she says.

To select the perfect mirror for a room, look for one that is proportional in size to the space and make sure it serves a purpose in addition to being stylish. “Mirrors aren’t just used as a looking glass for one’s vanity; they are architectural tools that add scale and shape to an interior space,” Bubier says.

Bubier offers her expertise and some examples of how the shape and style of a mirror becomes the style indicator for the whole room:

Moorish mirror in a bathroom

Use a modern stylized version of a Moorish shape mirror. Feminine lines and opal colored shell finish add glamour to the bathroom.

Moorish mirror in a bedroom

A different finish on the frame of the Moorish mirror will create a different effect from the shell finish mirror in the bath. A longer length allows the mirror to work well as art above a bedside table.

Mirror over the fireplace

Mirrors can function as art and serve as the focal point of a room. A contemporary mirror can help balance the large proportions of a fireplace wall. The mirror adds dynamic texture to the living room, place a custom light fixture in front of the mirror for it to beautifully reflect.

Unframed mirror in a bathroom

A large, unframed mirror reinforces the sleek lines of a contemporary bathroom, visually enlarging the space. A mirror-mounted light will double the lighting effect.

Long mirror in a bathroom

A long, narrow mirror can emphasize an unusually tall ceiling in a small bathroom. Position it one-half inch away from the wall surface to give it shadow and dimension.

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