5 Rooms to Decorate With Flowers

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The bathroom might not be the best place to stop and smell the roses, but that doesn’t mean flowers don’t belong in the john. “Flowers add life to a room,” says Ardith Beveridge, the director of education at Koehler & Drammm’s Institute of Floristry in Minneapolis. “Any time there are fresh flowers, there is movement in a room.” Here’s an expert’s guide to choosing flowers for your home, room by room.


Since the kitchen is such a utilitarian room, you don’t want anything “too stuffy,” says Tim Farrell, who owns Farrell’s Florist in Drexel Hill, Pa. “Daisies have a casual ambience to them, ” he says. Gerber daisies, flat-faced flowers available in hot, fiery hues, add a perfect pick-me-up to a kitchen.


The high humidity levels in the bathroom make it perfect for tropical plants. “That steaming shower once a day keeps them happy and makes them last longer,” Farrell says. Orchids, ginger lilies and bird of paradise flowers are low-maintenance flowers that work well in bathrooms.

Dining room

“Make the flowers proportional to the space and to the event,” Beveridge says. If two glasses, five utensils and three plates are piled all over a table set for 10 guests, go with something simple: A bud on a plate or a couple bud vases adds a sophisticated touch to a busy table, Beveridge says.


“Roses are probably the top choice for a bedroom,” says Farrell. “A bedroom needs flowers with a romantic sense.” And a flower’s texture can help add to that ambiance. Pillow-like blossoms such as lilac stock can do the trick, he says.

Family room

Arrangements consisting of one type of flower, tulips, for example, are growing in popularity, Beveridge says. For a family room, a tall vase filled with pink tulips would complement two shorter vases of white tulips.

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