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Whether your desk is in a corner office, a cubicle or a cubby under the stairs, facing the same, tired view can grow dull. It might be the perfect time to wake things up with fresh pops of color.

“People enjoy their workspace more when it’s colorful and stylish,” says Holly Bohn-Weiss, founder and creative director of See Jane Work, a division of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Advantus Corp., which markets stylish office accessories and supplies. Now there are scientific studies that back this up, she says. “Various colors can have an impact from raising your heart rate to making you more creative.”

The question, then, is where to start. Bohn-Weiss recommends you begin with function. “Often times, we try to mimic or imitate someone who is organized, and adapt whatever system they are using, but if that’s not your personality, you’ll end up failing.”

Instead, she suggests identifying your organization style. Are you a person who prefers to keep things organized in stacks, file folders, or wall pockets? “Find those necessary items in the colors that you love.”

Diane Henkler, a home decorating expert and blogger at In My Own Style, agrees. “Seeing your favorite colors and things around can boost your mood and brain power and will give you energy throughout the day.”

She recommends hanging artwork, decorating with fresh flowers and covering a bulletin board with fabric as “easy and affordable ways to inject color and personality.”

A few of the trends Henkler expects this year include saturated, vibrant pastels and gold accents. “A colorful, patterned rug, a painted accent wall, an office chair [with a] slipcover” are all opportunities to bring in some of these brighter hues, Henkler suggests.

For a less permanent office pick-me-up, many turn to decorative Washi tape. A removable masking tape made popular in Japan and available in a colorful array of patterns, Washi tape can be taped over the edge of a notebook or on the sides of a picture frame for a quick, inexpensive update.

Not only can trends make a space more decorative, but they also create opportunities to re-evaluate function. “Most of our jobs change, and it is important from an organizational perspective to take stock of what’s working and what’s not,” says Bohn-Weiss.

Like purchasing a new pair of running shoes, investing in a few stylish updates can be the motivation to start a new organizational routine or maintain an existing one.

For those on a budget, Bohn-Weiss suggests starting small. “If you’re afraid to invest in letter trays or pencil cups at first, then start with a notebook or sticky notes.”

When even those basic steps seem intimidating, Bohn-Weiss shares some advice learned from a decorator friend. “If you really love each and every thing in your space, you’d be amazed at how it comes together.”

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