5 Helpful Closet Storage Solutions

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No matter how tidy the rest of a house may be, chances are the closets aren’t quite ready for prime time. And it’s no wonder: They need to store shoes, dresses, suit coats, jeans, belts, scarves, blouses and more while being rifled through on a daily basis. But that’s no reason to give up on the dream of clutter-free closets. Order can be had, and these tools will help anybody make the most of their space.

Install an entire system

Closet systems all work generally the same way: Measure your closet, decide what features you want and buy the components. After some installation, they offer a personalized solution to your specific closet woes.

Those with many small accessories might want a drawer for jewelry, watches and the like. Shoe fanatics will want extra cubby holes for their prized footware.

One of the best-known organization systems is The Container Store’s Elfa, which comes with wooden and wire shelves, rods and pull-out baskets. Overall price depends on what components are chosen, but starts around $400. For one with a slightly smaller price tag, wire systems are available for $80 to $200.


There are many of options, so you can pick one that suits you – whether you need a lot of shoe racks or shelves galore. And if it’s a built-in or designer vibe you’re after, home and hardware stores sell “closet kits” with furniture-like shelving, starting around $100 for the smallest sizes.

Contain yourself

Create slots for bulkier accessories with hanging sweater bags, $20 to $30, available at home and organization stores. The compartments are usually big enough for clothing, but they also can fit chunky scarves and everyday purses.

It’s often the small accessories – scarves, hats, belts and ties – that turn an otherwise neat closet into a disaster zone. The best way to keep them from taking over is to give each type of accessory a dedicated space.

For long, skinny items like ties and belts, try a non-slip
tie and belt organizer that hangs right from a closet rod for easy closet access and typically costs less than $20.

See what you have

If you never lay eyes on that bright red clutch or those embellished brown boots that are normally stowed away, you’ll never remember to use them. Keep accessories in clear storage boxes – $6 for two plain ones at hardware stores like Home Depot, or up to $20 per box  for sturdier, more stylish options with clear windows.

Discover unused space

Many closets suffer from being too small, but the tiniest of them can be improved by using normally ignored spaces. Hang an adjustable closet rod below the main rod and you’ll double the hanging room. If you put blouses and shirts on the top rod and skirts and pants on the bottom, deciding what to wear will seem a whole lot easier.

Also, don’t forget about the back of the closet door. Over-the-door shoe racks add plenty of storage and can be used for smaller accessories, not just shoes.

Go outside the box

At the end of the day, a closet can only hold so much clothing. Edit out items rarely worn and store them in a spare bedroom or in the corner of a home office. Try using a stand-alone garment rack, like Target’s Threshold bamboo garment rack ($36).

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