8 Tips for Adding Color to Your Home

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Inviting fresher, jazzier colors into your home doesn’t have to be an intimidating task.“Reflect on your fashion tastes,” suggests Davis Remignanti, design consultant for the furniture Web site Furniture.com. “Many people know what colors look good on them. Those same colors can be incorporated into your personal space, because they are familiar, flattering and comforting.”

Remignati offers tips for making good color choices when it comes time to refresh a room.

  1. Inventory major features in the room that you can’t, or don’t care to, change: the color of woodwork, the brick in the hearth, carpeting, custom draperies. Decorate with and around these facts of life.
  2. Start at the floor and work your way up. Select a rug or floor covering first. Key off the colors in your rug to choose wall colors and accents.
  3. Devise your own color palette. Good room designs incorporate at least five colors: two main colors, one supporting color (often a neutral or wood tone) and two accent colors.
  4. Create a flow. Choose harmonious color palettes for rooms connected by an open archway or large doorway. The goal is to create a color link between the two spaces and avoid a jarring transition from one room to the next.
  5. Use patterns sparingly. Beginners should limit themselves to one multi-color pattern per room. If the rug carries a pattern, avoid “competition” by keeping window treatments, upholstery and accents simple.
  6. Resist the temptation to over-indulge. Too much of the same color in a room can be a mistake, even if it’s a favorite color. Maintain a good balance of main colors and accent colors around the room.
  7. Use light to its best advantage. Generate an elegant, room-wide glow by using gold- or peach-hued light bulbs in table lamps.
  8. Embrace change. Be bravest with accent colors – they are relatively easy to change. Follow your instincts and don’t be discouraged if you’re not happy with your choice. It takes time to get comfortable making decisions about color. 

“No rules are written in stone,” says Remingnati. “Take your time and enjoy the experience. Your color confidence will grow with each project.

“Before long, you’ll have created a stylish, inviting home, and your friends will start asking you for color advice.”

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