Build a Better Outdoor Space

Tips on how to set up the perfect outdoor space on a front porch, patio or deck or in the yard


Keeping Up with the Joneses

New research shows were more motivated to improve our homes if the neighbors do it first


How To Prep for Summer Guests

Welcoming guest rooms: two double beds and two handy ottomans in a Schwab and Smith bedroom, top; a calming blue color scheme in a Priscilla Fenlin Interiors guest room.


5 New Accessories For Your Outdoor Space

No need to go too far, or get too fancy. Find some good company and dont forget the sea salt.


Panel Chic Trends

Tongue-and-groove paneling is a hot look in modern interior design


5 Tips to Make a Kitchenette Functional

No room for a functional kitchen? Think again. These five tips help you make the most of tiny kitchen spaces


To Paint or Stain Your Trim?

That is the question, and here are the answers


The Edible Garden: Best Vegetables to Plant for a Fall Harvest

Think its too late to grow cucumbers, broccoli, and other veggies? Uproot that mindset and start planting now!


3 Ways to Add the Finishing Touches

Small accessories can brush up the appearance of a home, providing just the right finishing touch


The Hottest Patio Furniture

Flexible seating sets for outdoor spaces make the patio more functional for different uses

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