Rain Gain

Why a rain barrel is worth it – and how to use one properly


Creating the Perfect Sunroom

Think of it as a bonus to a main room in your home


3 Tips for Achieving a Low-Maintenance Lawn

Native grasses, hardscaping and smart watering are just a few eco-friendly lawncare tips and landscaping ideas that ensure you’ll save water – and time – this summer


Luxury Begets Function

The DreamHome designers balance glamor with the needs of an evolving household


4 New Hot Tub Attractions

Today’s tech-driven hot tubs are a popular choice to spice-up a backyard with luxury and relaxation. Here are 4 ‘hot’ trends


2 Ways to Create Privacy in Open Homes

There is such a thing as too much family time. Try these designers’ tricks to create a sense of privacy in your open-plan home


6 Secrets to a Stunning Laundry Room

Don’t let your laundry room be an afterthought. Here’s how to make yours stylish, functional and eco-friendly


How to Bring Living Room Comfort Outdoors

Crave a little coziness under the stars? Turn any outdoors space into a retreat that’s just as comfortable as your living room


Bookworm Chic

How to arrange and decorate your bookshelf


Buzz Off

8 ways to beat the bugs when entertaining outdoors this summer

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